Lil' Bit Rough

by Crystal Wolf

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The guitar isn't always in tune, the mix isn't always perfect, and sometimes all you have is a tiny little recorder... but sometimes that's the way life goes. These tracks are all rough recordings, posted for your enjoyment or criticism for free (or a donation, if you would like to give something.) Tracks will be added as I get them recorded.


released September 6, 2012




Crystal Wolf Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: My Princess
She came to the world on a wing and a prayer.
Take a deep breath and blow out and she's there;
long waving hair and the prettiest eyes,
and a smile so bright she could teach penguins to fly.
She doesn't love everyone,
but our little girl knows we're hers.
Sit in my lap, little one,
and if I can then I'll make the universe yours...

My princess flies to the moon
in a purple gown made of happiness.
She'll defeat all your villains for you
and come to the ball in her best dress -
a purple gown made of happiness.

Now our baby dances on stars
and wrestles with ogres in wild lands afar
She'll be a hero one day,
but she's our mad Squirms and we love her that way.
She'll bring the universe peace,
then she'll spin the world into chaos again.
Her genius will drive you as nuts as you please,
rip out your heart and then be your best friend.


Her crayons paint colors on the wind
but Disney's got nothin' on our little girl.
Don't challenge the quiet child because she'll win.
She'll take my hand and we'll take on the world...

(Chorus) 2x